Salmon fillet steaks with lemon and herbs on a black background.
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It's Basically Never Worth It To Make Your Own Salmon Burgers
Salmon burgers are a tasty alternative to meat-based patties, and are so fun to make from scratch that most people prepare them at home. However, many grocery stores offer premade salmon burgers, and along with being far easier to cook, there's another reason why these store-bought patties are more worth it than homemade versions.
Store-bought salmon burgers are usually much less pricey, as even cheaper grocery store salmon cost around $9.99 per pound, and more expensive options can get up to $32.99 per pound. Most salmon burger recipes call for over a pound of the fish, so store-bought salmon patties are a much more cost-effective option.
For example, a box of four Premium Salmon Burgers at Trader Joe's that add up to almost a pound total costs only $7.49, and you can find even cheaper options, like Walmart’s box of four Aqua Star salmon burgers for $5.76. Of course, some salmon burgers are pricier than others, but in general, it’s best to buy store-bought patties.