Close up of home-made mozzarella in carrozza, Italian fried mozzarella sandwiches on a plate ready to be deep fried.
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Italy's Deep-Fried Take On The Grilled Cheese
Mozzarella in Carrozza
With simple ingredients, easy prep, and a delicious flavor, it’s hard to improve on grilled cheeses but leave it to the Italians to take it up a notch. The mozzarella in carrozza sandwich is a deep-fried take on the grilled cheese, with melty mozzarella cheese between two slices of bread finished with a fried breadcrumb crust.
The mozzarella in carrozza sandwich doesn't have an exact origin, but it is believed to have been created by Southern Italian housewives as a way to use leftover stale bread and old mozzarella cheese. Today, the tradition remains the same, and mozzarella in carrozza is still a delicious way to use up old bread and cheese.
Aside from a soft, pre-sliced white bread and mozzarella cheese, mozzarella in carrozza is distinct from other grilled cheeses from the milk and egg wash it gets before being doused in bread crumbs. Classic toppings and fillings get swapped out for Italian specialties like anchovies and prosciutto.
Making It
To start your mozzarella in carrozza, choose thickly sliced bread that is a few days old and pair it with low-moisture or drained mozzarella. Dip your sandwich in a milk and egg wash with a bit of flour, salt, and pepper added, then dip in bread crumbs, and fry it in oil on both sides for about two minutes.