Bowl of green sauce
Italian Salsa Verde Is The Mouthwatering Sauce Your Steak Merits
From A1 to red wine bordelaise, you have tons of sauces to choose from to pair with a good steak. Italian salsa verde, with its briny and savory flavors, is an underrated option.
This Italian sauce is different from the well-known Mexican salsa verde. It uses briny capers and anchovies balanced by acidic citrus or vinegar, plus parsley, garlic, and salt.
The ingredients are blended together to create a herbal, zesty sauce that helps cut through a steak’s richness, while remaining light enough to let the meat be the star.
You can drizzle or spoon the sauce over your steak, or consider using it as a marinade, since the acidic component and salty anchovies can help to tenderize your steak.