Beef steak on a fork sprinkled with rosemary and sea salt
Italian-Inspired Seasonings Will Take Your Ribeye Roast To A New Level
Ribeye is considered one of the most flavorful beef cuts, so it shouldn't be overseasoned or drowned in a ton of sauce. That's why it pairs so well with Italian seasoning.
Italian cooking techniques allow fresh ingredients to shine. The seasoning compliments the richness of the beef and elevates it, while keeping the focus on the steak itself.
Any Italian seasoning blend should start with olive oil, which will bring a buttery, peppery flavor to your steak while helping the herbs and spices adhere to the outside.
The herbs that make up Italian blends, like basil, rosemary, and sage, have enough strength to stand up to beef. For longer-cooked meals, use dried versions of these herbs.
Pair them with garlic, or lemon for a little brightness. Fennel and coriander are both warm spices that can also add some depth to Italian seasonings.