Peach pie in skillet on top of wooden board
It Pays To Add The Entire Lemon To Fruit Pies
By adding a whole lemon to your fruit pie filling, you include a shock of acidic flavor and a boost of pectin, a naturally occurring fiber in lemon peels that will thicken the mix.
While cornstarch, flour, or tapioca, are common go-tos for thickening up watery pie filling, lemon can achieve the same results while adding a slight zing of lemony flavor.
When the pectin found in lemon peels heats and combines with acid and sugar, it works like a natural gelatin, firming up your filling and allowing it to set properly.
For a 9-inch pie, use about half a lemon. Start by removing the seeds from the lemon before you thinly slice and finely chop it; a mandolin may be helpful for this.
Stir the lemon pieces in with the rest of your pie filling and bake it like normal. After cooling, you’ll notice that the filling is properly set and has a light citrus flavor.