Homemade Angel Food Cake with Fresh Berries
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It Doesn't Take A Special Pan To Make Soft, Light Angel Food Cake
Angel food cake is defined by its light-as-air texture, and it's baked in a special pan that has a tunnel in the center, which adds structure to support the delicate batter.
If you don't own one of these pans, use a beverage can, parchment paper, and a round cake pan to create a makeshift angel food cake pan that will turn out wonderfully light cakes.
Mary Berry of "The Great British Baking Show" fame makes a DIY pan using a tall, empty drink can. You start by tightly wrapping a piece of parchment paper around the can.
You can use double-sided tape to keep the parchment together. Then, fill the can with something heavy enough to keep it in place — pie weights would work, or even water.
Choose a round cake pan with removable sides, like a springform pan (avoid non-stick pans). Next, cut out a piece of parchment that's the same diameter as the cake pan.
You then cut out the center of the circle so the can will fit inside. Place the parchment at the bottom of the pan, then place the can in the cut-out hole and fill with batter.
Remember to leave room for the cake to rise; about a third of the pan's height will do. Finally, bake and then invert the cooled cake so it pops right out, and you're all set.