cheddar cheese dip served with fries
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It Couldn't Be Easier To Build A 2-Ingredient Cheese Sauce
Your favorite nacho cheese sauce probably doesn't resemble any fresh cheese you can buy at the store, so you may think all cheese sauces are uber-processed and impossible to make at home. In actuality, a basic cheese sauce is simple to make in your own kitchen using just two ingredients and a pan.
The simplest cheese sauce needs no flour, milk, or butter — just cream cheese and some shredded orange cheddar cheese for that authentic nacho sauce hue. Put a two-to-one ratio of cream cheese to cheddar cheese in a pan, heat it up, and then mix until both of the cheeses have melted and combined smoothly.
The result is a smooth, quick, and super easy-to-make cheese sauce base that you can dress up with other spices or flavors, from garlic to chili peppers to other easy-melting cheeses in addition to the cheddar. You can even some pureed cauliflower to amp up the nutrition, and it will blend seamlessly into the mix.