Color photograph of a bunch of bananas (genus Musa) and an individual banana, partially peeled, from the volume 'Birds and Nature, ' published by AW Mumford and illustrated, via color photography, by William Kerr Higley, 1900. Courtesy Internet Archive. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)
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Is Your Banana Too Ripe For Banana Bread? Here's How To Tell.
Black bananas are some of the best for making banana bread because they are sweeter and have more moisture. However, there is a point at which bananas have gone beyond overripe and may not be entirely safe to use.
There are other things to look for in and on black bananas before adding them to the banana bread batter. According to Livestrong, black bananas spotted with mold should not be consumed at all and should be thrown in the trash or compost.
Another dead giveaway that bananas are too far past their prime is if they have an odd or off-putting odor. Sweet Home Digest also notes that bananas with any kind of liquid or a mushy substance leaking out of them should be discarded.