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Is Two-Year-Old Canned Tuna Safe To Eat?
Being one of the most popular and versatile options in canned fish, you are likely to often have canned tuna stored in your pantry. If you have cans of tuna at home right now and wonder how long it'll last or if you can eat two-year-old canned tuna, we've got your answer.
According to StillTasty, properly stored canned tuna will stay its freshest for three to five years, as the tuna in a can is in an airtight, sterile environment, so there's no way for bacteria to get in and spoil the fish. In addition, the site comments that the use-by date on a can of tuna refers to how long the fish will remain tasting its best, not when it spoils.
Note that the term “properly stored” means storing canned tuna at room temperature, away from any heat sources such as sunlight or your oven. If you notice any irregularities in the can — like a damaged, swollen, rusted, or leaking can — err on the side of caution and toss the tuna.