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Is Tuna Cooked Before Being Canned?
Canned tuna is an affordable staple in many households, and the average American has likely been eating it straight out of the can since childhood. While some preserved foods are minimally processed to keep them fresh-tasting, canned tuna is always rather dry and doesn't look raw at all, so you may wonder if tuna is cooked before it's canned.
During the manufacturing process used by famous canned tuna brand Bumble Bee, the whole tuna is baked, which makes removing the skin and bones easier. Once the tuna has been thoroughly cooked, the fish is moved to a room to chill until it is cool enough to handle, then it is skinned, deboned, and finally canned for consumption.
Canned fish brand Arroyabe mostly uses the same technique as Bumble Bee, but they use fresh fish instead of frozen. Either way, this pre-cooking process is what makes standard canned tuna safe to eat right out of the can, but of course, the fish usually needs some help in the form of mayo or another ingredient to add moisture.