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Is There Any Nutritional Benefit To Adding Butter In Your Coffee?
Part of the appeal of coffee is customizing your cup; think of iced Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, or Italy’s dry espresso. However, it's Tibetan yak butter tea that led Dave Asprey to create Bulletproof coffee, which is coffee with butter — and supposedly, a lot of health benefits — mixed right into it.
Bulletproof coffee is said to encourage ketosis, a fat-burning process and the base of the popular "keto" diet. Proponents of the drink say extra butterfat combined with coffee can reduce hunger, enhance mental functions, increase energy, and burn fat all at once, but are these benefits actually "bulletproof?"
BBC Good Food states that Bulletproof coffee is not a healthy substitute for breakfast, due to its lack of nutrients and high saturated fat content, which is especially bad news for people with high cholesterol. Like many diet trends, Bulletproof coffee is not well-researched nor suitable for long-term use, so sip carefully.