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Is There Any Difference Between Squid And Calamari?
Calamari is the Italian word for squid, and the term has stuck around in English-speaking countries. Still, you may wonder if "calamari" denotes anything besides plain old squid.
In short, there is no actual difference between calamari and squid; they both refer to meat from the same animal. However, “squid” is more versatile in meaning than "calamari."
"Squid" is simply the name of the animal, so any preparation of squid can be called squid. In countries like the U.S., "calamari" most often refers to battered and fried squid.
Despite these connotations, calamari is synonymous with squid, and work between fishermen and agricultural groups made this Italian word popular in the U.S. seafood industry.
Squid was initially used as fishing bait in the U.S., but when the production of fish like cod was limited by legislation during the 1970s, squid began debuting in restaurants.
Fishermen and restaurant owners felt that the word "squid" would evoke disgust in the general public, so they decided to use its more elegant Italian name: calamari.
In contrast, countries like Japan and Korea use the word for "squid" without any need for covering it up, since citizens have long enjoyed this marine creature in their cuisine.