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Is There Any Difference Between A Cobbler And A Crisp?
Cobblers and crisps are two seemingly synonymous fruit desserts, consisting of gooey baked fruit fillings topped with pastry on top; they're also made with similar ingredients and instructions. While the desserts seem similar enough, one telltale trait that indicates if a dish is a cobbler or crisp comes down to the topping.
Biscuits, dough, or even cake batter can be used to top the fruit filling in cobblers, while a crisp requires a combination of whole oats with butter, flour, and sugar. Whichever top layer you use on the dessert not only differentiates a crisp from a cobbler and vice-versa, but also explains the classic desserts' names.
The robust texture and appearance of biscuits baked over fruit evoke the effect of a cobbled road, while the oat finish of a crisp crisps up in the oven, adding texture and flavor to the filling. Though these two dishes may be different, neither cobblers nor crisps are complete without a scoop of ice cream on top.