Exterior of a Trader Joe's location
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Is There An Ideal Time To Shop At Trader Joe's To Catch Fresh Restocks?
Trader Joe’s locations are rather small, and although that's part of the charm, it does mean that what you’re looking for may not always be in stock. This leaves regular and loyal customers trying to strategically plan their visits to line up with product restocks, and wondering just when exactly that might be.
While all locations adhere to a standard stocking schedule, every store is different, and shelves are restocked throughout the day so there is no “best time” to visit Trader Joe’s. Perishables (like produce and fresh-cut flowers) are restocked in the morning, so if they’re on your list of priorities, your best bet is to go when they open.
Restocking patterns for products with a longer shelf life are harder to predict since they are shipped according to demand. So, while the first restock at Trader Joe's occurs each morning for perishables and beyond, there’s no guarantee they’ll have what you’re looking for, but you’re sure to find something new to try.