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Is There A Way To Make Boiled Steak Flavorful?
There is a way, if you can believe it, to get a lot of flavor out of a boiled steak. It may not be as popular as grilling or pan-frying, but boiling or stewing can be the best method to cook certain cuts of meat with more connective tissue, like blade steak, and it doesn't have to taste as bland as water if you use something else to boil it.
There are two key components to remember when it comes to boiling steak and the first is the thickness: you'll want to boil the meat for no longer than six minutes per one inch of thickness on each side, and be sure to utilize a meat thermometer so it doesn't overcook. Secondly, boil the steak in a flavored liquid like meat stock.
Cooking with stock adds a great amount of flavor and richness to the steak; while you can use water to boil the meat, you’d have to season and sear the steak beforehand to add flavor. If one night you don't quite feel like smoking up your kitchen or dirtying a pan, give boiling a try for a succulent steak to pair with vegetables and broth.