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Is There A Real Difference Between White And Yellow Peaches?
The peach season is a season that is eagerly awaited in many parts of the United States, but any fan of peaches knows that not all peaches are created equally. Yellow peaches, which are widely farmed in the US, have bright yellow meat and a fuzzy, pinkish-orange skin, and they have a stronger flavor that can occasionally be slightly acidic than white peaches.
As they grow on the tree of life and are consumed by the gods to maintain immortality, white peaches have a long history of cultural significance in China and are said to signify health and longevity. The white peach is a vitamin C-rich fruit with a flavor that is sweet, and delicate as well as a fragrance that is occasionally referred to as floral.
Even though white peaches make about 80% of peaches grown in China, they are less common in the West, in part because they bruise readily and are more difficult to transport. While white peaches are excellent for eating raw, they are too soft and easily turn to mush, whereas yellow peaches taste fantastic in pies, cobblers, and even grilled.