Martini with and olive splash
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Is There A Preferred Ratio For A Dirty Martini?
Originally, martinis were sweeter and included more vermouth, but today, martinis are more of a dry and savory drink, due to a widespread preference for more gin. This has led to the creation of the dirty martini, an even more savory version with olive brine, and if you're new to the drink, try following this formula to make your own.
Matt Landes of Cocktail Academy says of the dirty martini, "We've found the ideal number to be 2oz/.5oz/.75oz gin to vermouth to [olive] brine — it allows the drinker the opportunity to enjoy the earthy notes of the vermouth and punchy brine without overpowering the drink." This means you're actually adding more brine than vermouth.
Of course, any cocktail is customizable, but you'll also notice that gin is the popular choice over vodka for a dirty martini, as the salinity of olive juice is an ideal match for the botanical flavor of gin. As for your garnish, Castelvetrano olives from Italy, which are sweeter and less briny, are extremely popular among bartenders.