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Is There A Nutritional Difference Between Using Sugar Or Honey In Coffee?
For many coffee drinkers, the day hasn’t begun until they have a cup of joe, but not everyone enjoys their coffee black. There's definitely no shame in sweetening your brew, but if you're concerned about your blood sugar levels or other effects on your health, you may want to reach for something besides pure sugar.
Honey could be your answer to an alternative coffee sweetener. Compared to sugar, which contains lots of glucose, honey contains more fructose; since fructose tastes sweeter than glucose, you don't have to add as much honey to your coffee, and the fact that honey is all-natural also appeals to some consumers.
Honey has more calories than sugar, but a lower glycemic index, meaning it won’t spike your blood sugar; plus, its stronger taste means you'll save on calories in the long run. The downside is that honey may interfere with the flavor of your coffee, but Local Honey Finder says that acacia and alfalfa honey are neutral-tasting options.