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Is There A Difference Between Pouched And Canned Tuna?
In 2000, StarKist introduced tuna in a vacuum-sealed foil pouch, a product that was even easier to store and eat canned tuna, and their pouched products have continued to be popular since then. If you typically only buy one kind of tuna or the other, you may wonder about the real differences between pouched and canned tuna.
Both canned and pouched tuna are pre-cooked, but since heat penetrates the thin material of a pouch more easily, pouched tuna is cooked less, which makes for a fresher product. Water also has to be added to canned tuna to block out air, while pouched tuna does not require this, so pouched tuna is a less watery option for tuna salad.
Lastly, canned tuna has a recommended shelf life of four years and tends to be cheap, while pouched tuna has a shelf life of three years and costs nearly double as much as canned tuna. Pouches take up less space than cans and are recyclable, but cans provide more protection, so your best bet comes down to personal preference.