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Is There A Difference Between Pork Rinds And Cracklins?
Pork rinds and cracklins have a lot in common, since they're both pork products that have been made and enjoyed by humans for centuries. Both of these snacks are made from fried pig skin and sometimes the layers of fat and meat directly underneath, but the difference between rinds and cracklins lies in the butchering process.
The process of making pork rinds only involves pork skin, and it begins by boiling the skin, then chilling it for several hours so the fat can be easily removed. The skin is then put in an oven to dry out and eliminate any leftover moisture, then it's fried in hot peanut oil or lard, drained, and tossed with salt and pepper or savory seasonings.
In contrast, cracklins are created by leaving a small amount of fat on the pork skin and frying it, and some cracklins are even made using whole chunks of pork belly. Cracklins don’t puff up like pork rinds do, and are generally heftier, chewier, and have a stronger pork flavor, which is sometimes missing in traditional pork rinds.