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Is There A Difference Between Pinot Gris And Pinot Grigio Wine?
From Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to Riesling and Moscato, there are many white wines to choose from, and now you can add both Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris to your list of choices. Unlike some wines that go by two names like primitivo and zinfandel or syrah and shiraz, pinot grigio and pinot gris can have entirely different profiles.
Pinot grigio and pinot gris both come from the blue-tinted pinot gris grape, a mutation of the red pinot noir grape varietal, which although significantly darker than most white wine grapes, results in a dry, white wine that falls between a neutral Pinot Blanc and an aromatic Gewurztraminer. However, the similarities between the wines end there.
Pinot grigio is harvested early to preserve a high level of acidity, resulting in a light-bodied, crisp, and fresh wine with notes of pear, apple, and stone fruit. In contrast, pinot gris is a medium to full-bodied wine with spicy notes and honeyed nuances when left to ripen fully; plus, it offers lower acidity and higher sugar levels making it better for barrel-aging and cellaring.