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Is There A Difference Between American And European Nutella?
Whether slathered on a piece of toast or drizzled over crepes, including Nutella is a quick and easy way to add a nutty, chocolaty depth to any sweet recipe. However, some enthusiasts have noticed a few differences between American and European Nutella, raising the question, is all Nutella created equally?
Nutella is the creation of Pietro Ferrero who began experimenting with cocoa and hazelnut spreads back in 1925. The original Nutella product — known as giandujot, after a carnival character — came out in 1946 and was shaped like a loaf, but by 1964, the product had a creamier, spreadable consistency, came in a jar, and was known as SuperCrema.
Since then, Nutella has become popular the world over, but some people have noticed that the European version is firmer and has a stronger hazelnut flavor compared to the American version. While they share almost identical ingredients, it’s likely that the two differ in their hazelnut and milk contents, with the European version having a higher hazelnut to milk ratio.