Minced garlic on white
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Is Pre-Minced Garlic Just As Good As The Fresh Stuff?
Garlic is a must-have in countless recipes, but garlic cloves themselves can be finicky, sticky, and hard to peel and mince. The idea of pre-minced garlic sounds appealing, but some cooks may be wondering whether jars of pre-minced garlic from the store provide the same amount of flavor that fresh garlic does.
Garlic loses its robust flavor and aroma rapidly after it's been cut and exposed to oxygen, and while pre-minced garlic is usually solid in airtight jars, it still undergoes this loss in flavor. Additionally, most jarred garlic is pasteurized and has extra preservatives, which can add an "off" flavor in dishes where it isn't drowned out.
One of the components responsible for garlic’s pungent flavor is called allicin, which is strong when garlic is first cut, but despite the longer it sits. If you want the best garlic flavor, especially in a simple dish, fresh garlic is the only way to go, and it should still only be crushed or cut right before it goes into the pot or pan.