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Is Liquid Or Dry Yeast Better For Home Brewing?
One of the most crucial ingredients for home-brewed beer is yeast, and deciding whether to use dry or liquid yeast depends on what you want out of the beer-making experience.
Liquid yeast is popular for commercial and home brewing, since a huge variety of living yeast strains are available in liquid form, allowing for greater diversity in beer.
However, liquid yeast must be refrigerated, has a shelf life of only about three months, and is often more expensive than dry yeast. It also must be aerated before use.
Dry yeast is yeast that’s been dehydrated, which means it’s cheap, more readily available, has a much longer shelf life, and doesn’t need to be aerated like liquid yeast.
Dry yeast used to have a bad reputation, since a lack of different yeast strains limits how much you can customize your beer. However, more strains are now available in dried form.