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Is It Safe To Eat Raw Oats?
Hot oatmeal is a popular breakfast choice, and there are countless varieties to choose from, from sweet and savory flavors to preparations like instant oats, overnight oats, and steel-cut oats. Most oatmeal is quick to make, but those of us who want to cut down on prep time may wonder if eating raw, uncooked oats is safe.
Eating raw oats is perfectly safe, and you’ll still reap the nutritional benefits of oatmeal, including lowered levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. The only downside is that raw oats contain more phytic acid, which can reduce your body's ability to absorb minerals, but this can be mitigated by soaking the oats in water.
Raw oats are also great for weight loss, because they make you feel full for longer, so you’ll be less inclined to reach for a snack later in the day. All oats contain a ton of fiber, which helps with gut health and prevents constipation, so any form of oatmeal, whether raw or cooked, is a great breakfast option.