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Is It Safe To Eat Moldy Mushrooms?
Mushrooms are categorized as a type of fungi, meaning they're related to mold, so it's reasonable to have uncertainties about how mold might affect this food. Luckily, there's a simple answer if you're wondering what to do with those moldy mushrooms lurking in the back of your fridge.
If only a few of the mushrooms in the bunch have wet, blotchy, dark spots, meaning they're merely spoiled, it's safe to pick them out and then check the rest. However, if you notice a "slimy" texture or dramatic shift in color throughout your pack of mushrooms, they've grown mold and should be tossed.
Mushrooms can stay good for about seven days if you store them properly, unwashed in a brown paper bag. It’s always best to purchase them right before you plan to use them, so they're less likely to spoil and won’t absorb any strong odors or flavors that may be lingering in your fridge.