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To Eat Brown Avocado?
Avocados have become a staple for many dinner, lunch, and breakfast tables, thanks to their health qualities, wonderfully mild taste, ease of preparation, and more than one social media trend. However, what if in the time it takes you to grab the ring light, the avocado on your toast turns brown?
Is brown avocado still safe to eat? Although they may not be as appetizing as before, brown avocados are absolutely fine to eat and still retain their healthy qualities, as long as they’re only brown because they’ve been exposed to the air and begun to oxidize.
If the discoloration is not the result of oxidation, though, it can be dangerous to eat. As avocados ripen, their color will turn to a dark green or brown. An avocado that looks closer to black in color, or feels mushy to the touch, has spoiled and is no longer safe to eat.