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Is It Safe To Eat Black Bananas?
Depending on when they're eaten, bananas pass along different health benefits. Underripe bananas are better to combat diabetes, and ripe ones are excellent aids for digestion. But what about those overripe bananas with black spots?
Surprisingly, you should want to eat those bananas the most. For starters, they’re very rich in antioxidants, and they also relieve heartburn, soothe ulcers, prevent anemia, ease menstrual cramps, and have a host of other benefits.
However, the most remarkable benefit is that overripe bananas prevent cancer. The dark spots on the banana precipitate the creation of TNF, Tumor Necrosis Factor, a compound that kills cancerous or abnormal cells in our bodies.
Do not wait for the banana to become completely black, though, as this reduces the nutritional benefits. If the bananas are moldy, smell rotten, or have a black center — aka black center syndrome, a fungal condition — do not eat them.