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Is It Safe To Eat Banana Peels?
The International Fresh Produce Association lists bananas as the most popular fruit in the US, and it's understandable given their superior nutritional value and convenient year-round availability. Unfortunately, banana peels are frequently thrown away despite the fact that they contain the same fiber, magnesium, and potassium as the fruit itself.
Many people abstain from eating banana peels because they’re tough to chew and have a bitter taste, but as long as you remove the hard stem and thoroughly wash the exterior, their preparation is ‌easy. The "Today" show recommends either blending them into a smoothie, or pulverizing them for banana bread.
If you are not interested in consuming them, banana peels can be steeped in hot water for a homemade tea or for lining your roasting pan to act as a natural barrier and prevent your meat from drying out. If you chop them up and soak them in water, they even make a great fertilizer.