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Is It Safe To Eat 2-Year-Old Frozen Pasta Sauce
A good, general rule of thumb in any home kitchen is not to store anything in your freezer for two years. However, when stored properly, 2-year-old frozen pasta sauce can actually be safe to eat.
The correct way to store pasta sauce is to keep it sealed in an airtight container, where in the refrigerator it will keep fresh for three to four days. In the freezer, your pasta sauce should last you quite a long time and likely be safe to eat beyond six months, although there are still some signs to look for before using your long-frozen sauce.
The signs will technically differ according to the ingredients used in your sauce — for example, homemade alfredo sauce won’t do well in the freezer for long due to its dairy content. In general, if you see or smell something off after thawing your sauce, or if your sauce seems slimy or sticky after defrosting, it's time to abandon it.