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Expired Soda?
At some point or another, you might have found yourself with far more soda than you anticipated — either from a party or perhaps you stocked up on your favorite limited-time flavor because it was ending. Whatever the reason, you’ll inevitably be checking out the expiration date and wondering if it’s still safe to drink.
The good news is that soda is sealed off when it is canned or bottled, and per the USDA, regular soda can last up to nine months post expiration, while diet will last for three months. The expiration date you find on soda simply has to do with taste and carbonation, not safety.
Whether you have cans or bottles of soda on hand, they need to be stored in a dark place where the temperature will not change drastically or very often. That could be somewhere like your pantry, the garage, an extra fridge to keep them out of the way, or even a cellar. With these tips, you can enjoy leftover, older, and even expired soda for months to come.