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Is It Safe To Drink Bottled Water Left In The Sun?
Though it may seem convenient to store extra bottled waters in the car during summer, this practice can be dangerous. Scientists who specialize in plastics explain that the hotter a bottle of water gets, the more toxic chemicals inside of the plastics leak out into the water they hold.
A 2008 study by National Geographic found that bottled water is safe in 70 degrees Fahrenheit weather, but during hotter days, it reaches an unsafe level of toxic antimony used in plastic. When bottled water is exposed to extreme heat, it takes just five weeks of exposure to that much heat for unsafe levels of antimony to be detected in the water.
Try buying bottled water only when needed instead of leaving extra bottles in the sun for too long. Using a reusable bottle is also recommended to fill up water whenever needed without the risk of leaving water in the sun for extended periods.