Spoonful of Baking soda
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Is It Safe To Drink Baking Soda?
If you don't have a digestive aid like Alka-Seltzer or Tums on hand and you need some relief, you might think of trying the baking soda hack you’ve heard on TV or online. However, just because the average adult will be okay if they drink a small amount of baking soda does not mean it should be done regularly.
Half a teaspoon of baking soda can be mixed into an equal amount of water to treat indigestion, but this should be used for no longer than two weeks. It's easy to drink too much baking soda by accident, which could end with potentially disastrous and even deadly results, and some people shouldn't even try this hack once.
Drinking the mix on a full stomach or too quickly could cause a gastrointestinal rupture, and even diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, seizures, and kidney failure. Children and pregnant women should avoid drinking baking soda altogether, and if you’re over 60, using more than 1½ to 3½ teaspoons can lead to a heart attack.