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Is It Possible To Proof Bread Dough In The Microwave?
If you’ve ever tried to follow a recipe calling for yeast, you’ve probably read that you need to proof your dough and that’s because it’s a key step that helps bread become airy and light. Proofing requires specific temperature and time, but if you want a shortcut, microwaves can be a great alternative.
In order to proof dough in a microwave, you place it into a bowl and cover it with a buttered or oiled plastic wrap, then set this bowl into a dish partially filled with warm water. You can "cook" the dough for 10 minutes on the microwave's lowest setting, checking to see if it has expanded in size.
If you're working on a second rise, set the dough into a non-metal pan, cover it with greased plastic wrap, and place it into the microwave for five minutes. It’s important to use the absolute lowest setting so you don't overproof your dough and cause it to lose its coveted springy effect.