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Is It Possible To Cook Sunny-Side Up Eggs In The Microwave?
Sunny-side up eggs are simply eggs that have been cooked on one side until the whites are solid, but underdone or overdone whites, yolks, or both can plague your breakfasts. Those who don’t feel their skills are up to par may think to cook their sunny-side up eggs in the microwave, but should know a few things before doing so.
You can make a sunny-side up egg by cracking an egg on a plate and microwaving for about 45 seconds until the whites are set, but make sure to heat the plate in the microwave for about 15 seconds by itself first. This method isn’t ideal, since the microwave will make your egg more liquidy than usual, but it is dead easy.
Just like cooking eggs on the stovetop, allow your egg to rest for a minute or so once it's out of the microwave, since it will continue to cook for a little bit after it's out of the heat. You'll also want to avoid nuking the egg for longer than 45 seconds or so, as it may overcook and change too much in texture or even explode.