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Is It Possible To Cook Steak While Still Frozen?
There's nothing quite like biting into a perfectly seared and seasoned steak, but cooking a good cut properly can be tricky. Not only should the cut of beef, the method, and the seasoning be taken into consideration, but home cooks who are starved for time may wonder if they can cook frozen steaks right from the freezer.
One would think that defrosted steak is closer to fresh, and therefore better, but an experiment by Cook's Illustrated showed that frozen steaks retained 9% more moisture than thawed steaks. The frozen steaks did take a bit longer to cook, but taste testers largely preferred the taste of the steaks that were cooked while still frozen.
Chicago Steak Company explains that when steak is frozen, it's less likely to overcook and develop a thick, grayish coat that is a "taste and texture killer." A colder exterior allows the surface of the meat to heat gradually, which creates crispiness without losing moisture, so go ahead and cook frozen steaks without thawing.