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Is It Okay To Store Bread On Top Of The Fridge?
If you want to enjoy a full loaf of bread, it’ll often require proper storage as bread loaves are prone to going stale fairly quickly. While it's best to eat a fresh loaf of bread within a day or two of purchasing or making it, storing it in the fridge or on the kitchen countertop will leave your bread vulnerable and can encourage the growth of mold.
As bad as the inside of the refrigerator sounds for bread storage, storing your loaf on top of the fridge—or any other appliance—will cause any bread kept in a plastic bag to grow mold faster, while any bread kept in a paper wrapping will dry out because of the heat. Instead, go for a cool, dry area for storage like a cabinet or a deep drawer.
A bread box‌ serves as a perfect storage location for your fresh loaves and can help your bread stay fresher for longer. However, just remember that at the first sign of mold—fuzzy green or black spots, as well as a sour odor, are indications of mold—on your bread, it needs to be thrown into the garbage.