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Is It Okay To Pour The Juices From Raw Meat Down The Drain?
Preparing meat is risky business, and safety rules to prevent foodborne illness stress that juices from raw meat must be diligently cleaned off of tools and surfaces, and should never come into contact with other foods. You may think that the easiest way to avoid the fuss is to pour meat juices down the drain and be done with it, but think again.
Whether you find excess liquid in packaged raw meat or you've just finished cutting it, don't just tip the juices down the sink and think that the job is over. Bacteria can multiply to an extreme degree after just 20 minutes in the sink, according to Food Safety News, so either dispose of juices in the trash or clean your sink very thoroughly.
Residential Waste Systems says to throw meat packaging and trimmings into a bag, tie it well, and throw it away in an outside bin. If you do pour juices down the drain, the USDA says to use warm, soapy water to scrub the sink, then sanitize using 1 tbsp of bleach mixed with 1 gallon of water, making sure to throw away your towel or sponge after.