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Is It Always Necessary To Aerate Wine?
An aerator is a gadget that exposes wine to more oxygen, which makes the wine's flavor notes more noticeable, reveals flavors that you couldn't taste before, and may even tone down varieties that are too intense and tannic. Aerators are more useful for red wines than whites, but that doesn't mean you always need to use one of these tools.
Red wines aged in steel might be worth breaking out the aerator for, rather than wines aged in barrels or concrete, and Cabernets and Bordeaux varieties benefit the most, since the extra oxygen can result in a smoother mouthfeel. For white wines, a few swirls in your glass can sufficiently open up the flavors with no aerator needed.
Even for wines that really benefit from aeration, you don't need to drop cash you don't have on a shiny home bar gadget. While even opening a bottle will aerate it (though it may take some time), transferring the bottle into a decanter before serving works even better, or you can even just let your glass of wine breathe before giving it a few swirls.