Calgary, Alberta, Canada - March 26, 2011. Product shot of a bottle of Dasani. Launched in 1999 by the Coca-cola company.
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Is Dasani Really All That Different From Other Bottled Water Brands?
For a bottled water brand, Dasani has been involved in a lot of controversy, starting in 2004, when BBC News claimed that Dasani was only tap water, and International later revealed that high levels of bromate were found in their products. One might wonder if Dasani actually is inferior to other water brands.
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when bottled water flew off the shelves, Dasani was notably left behind, but its bad rap could be undeserved. Water scientist Peter Gleick says that plenty of brands sell purified tap water, so it's not nearly as uncommon or taboo as you might think, but some drinkers still avoid Dasani due to additives.
Gleick points out that many brands, including Dasani, add minerals in their water for flavor, and Dasani simply wants their water to "taste the same everywhere." He also shoots down the rumor that Dasani adds salt to their water to make you thirstier, so ultimately, it really isn't all that different from other bottled water brands.