Chicken feet on cutting board
Is Costco's 44 Lbs Of Chicken Feet Worth The Steep Price Tag?
On the Costco subreddit, a user posted a photo from their local Fremont, California, warehouse, showing 44-pound packages of chicken paws for $44.99 — just over $1 a pound.
Redditors questioned whether that was worth the hefty price tag, noting that it's possible to get drumsticks and leg quarters for $0.70 per pound and breasts for $0.99 per pound.
However, as another Redditor pointed out, comparing the price of paws to that of other chicken parts isn't fair, as the various meat types are used very differently in cooking.
Ultimately, Costco’s chicken feet may be worth it based on a per-pound price, as other Redditors noted that chicken feet can cost $1.50 to $2.24 at other grocery stores.