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Is Canned Food From The Early Pandemic Still Safe To Eat?
When the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, droves of people across the U.S. ran to the grocery store to stockpile items like toilet paper and canned foods. While canned foods last longer than fresh, they don't last forever; this is the bottom line on canned foods you bought back in the spring of 2020, as of September of 2022.
According to USDA, canned foods last for years — some even past the expiration date — as long as they are in good condition and stored properly, meaning the cans have no rust, dents, or swelling, and are stored at a cool temperature in a dark place. Food from the start of the pandemic is still safe, so long as you follow these rules.
Blogger Kimmy Hughes of She's In Her Apron explains that the "best by" date on a can doesn't always mean that you must throw the can away once that date passes. A taste test was done on a can of old cranberry sauce she had in her pantry with a best by date of May 2020, and results found that it was still suitable for consumption.