Sliced Canadian Bacon on white background from above
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Is Canadian Bacon Actually Bacon?
People in the U.S. typically eat what is known as "side bacon" or "streaky bacon" in other countries, who may have their own versions of bacon, including Canadian bacon. This ham-like product is very different from what Americans know as "bacon," so they may wonder what makes it a type of bacon instead of plain old ham.
Canadian bacon is bacon, even if it's not what Americans are used to. It's closer to what UK residents know as bacon, which is cut from the back or loin of the pig, rather than the belly used for American-style streaky bacon or the leg region used to make ham; the difference is that Canadian bacon is made exclusively from back cuts.
Canadian bacon also differs from its American cousin in that it's typically sold pre-cooked rather than raw, but both products are salt-cured pork products that count as types of bacon. Another Canadian variety of bacon is peameal bacon, which is also made from back cuts, but is coated in cornmeal to give it a yellowish crust.