Glasgow, UK - April 21, 2013: A can of Barr's Irn Bru. Studio shot on a white background. Irn Bru is a carbonated caffeinated soft drink produced in Scotland since 1901. In Scotland it is the most popular soft drink, outselling Coca-Cola.
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Irn-Bru: Scotland's Beloved Soda With A Notoriously Indescribable Flavor
The bright orange tonic called Irn-Bru is practically embedded into modern Scottish culture, and the unique taste of this fizzy drink is infamously hard to describe. The formula of the classic version of Irn-Bru is kept secret, but it's estimated that some 32 ingredients are mixed into a vat of 8,000 liters of soda to create each batch.
There's much debate about the taste of Irn-Bru: some drinkers say it tastes like bubblegum, while others identify hints of blackcurrant cordial, orange, and grapefruit. A Reddit thread in which users try to describe Irn-Bru contains answers such as salty bananas, cough syrup, marshmallows, and "ambrosia from Mount Olympus".
You can enjoy Irn-Bru out of the can, in a glass with crushed ice, or combine it with ginger ale, root beer, or liquor. In addition to classic Irn-Bru, producer AG Barr makes Irn-Bru Extra, Irn-Bru, Energy, and Energy Sugar-Free, and Scots enjoy the drink in hard candies, candy bars, cookies, cupcakes, and even cheesy chicken balls.