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Instead Of Throwing Away Your Avocado Pits, Try Making Tea
Avocados are a healthy and versatile food, but the pit of the fruit is rarely used for anything, and much harder to turn into something tasty. However, the pits are almost healthier than the avocado flesh itself, and before you throw your seeds away, you should try turning them into an easy and nutritious beverage.
The avocado pit contains a large majority of the fruit's antioxidants — a whopping 70% — and also has anti-inflammatory properties, just like a nourishing cup of tea. In fact, avocado pits make for a great tea if you boil them for five minutes until soft, remove to cut into smaller pieces, and brew again for 10 minutes to finish.
Sheetal Bahirat and Zuri Masud, the two food scientists behind beverage company Reveal, sell their own avocado teas as a way to salvage the pits from the trash. You can easily replicate their idea at home, and try adding sweeteners or flavorings like sugar, raw honey or cinnamon to your cup of tea to mitigate any bitter notes.