A container of carrot fries
Instead Of Potatoes, Use Carrots For An Equally Crispy Fry Alternative
For a healthy alternative to potato fries that will save you from making a mess while still providing that crispy yet tender duality, make carrot fries instead.
Carrots offer a savory and earthy flavor like potatoes but with a caramelized sweetness when cooked. They have a similar starchy texture, with a fraction of the starch and carbs.
Halve or quarter the carrots to achieve the desired french fry shape before tossing them in oil and seasonings. Bake them between 400 and 425°F or place them in an air fryer.
Carrots need extra help to crisp up, so air fryers are ideal for crisping, but baking them will still achieve a nice crispy char. Flip them halfway through the baking process.
To ensure you get nicely crispy, slightly charred edges, be sure to arrange your carrot fries evenly on the baking tray, with a bit of space between each fry.