French Press Coffee Maker and mug
Instead Of Making Coffee In Your French Press, Utilize It To Rinse Grains
Washing grains like rice or barley can be tricky, since every time you run them under the tap, a few grains escape down the drain. A French press coffee maker is the perfect fix.
French presses have a fine mesh filter that stops coffee grounds from leaking through while you push water through them to make coffee. This same filter can also catch grains.
To wash grains with a French press, start with a press that is large enough to hold a good amount of dry grains. Don’t overload the French press, or it can spill.
Place your grains in the French press and add enough water to generously cover them. Swirl the grains and water gently to loosen any debris or impurities.
Gently press down the plunger, then tilt the French press and pour out the liquid. Repeat the rinsing process as needed, then remove the grains and they're ready to be cooked.