Traditional Irish champ is an easy side dish made with potatoes and green onions close up in the bowl on the table. Vertical
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Instantly Upgrade Egg-In-A-Hole With A Mashed Potato Ring
The breakfast item called egg-in-a-hole is made by cutting a circle out of a slice of bread, placing it into a buttered pan, cracking an egg in the center, and frying it on both sides. One of the best parts about this dish is the crispy bread, but if you're a starch fan, replacing the bread with mashed potatoes is a twist you'll enjoy.
Creamy and rich mashed potatoes surrounding your fried egg makes for a more filling and indulgent breakfast, and if you add seasonings like garlic to your mash, it's also way more flavorful than plain bread. Egg-in-a-hole with potatoes can also be easier to make than the traditional version because you don't have to flip it.
To make egg-in-a-hole with mashed potatoes, dollop a mound of the mash in a skillet greased with butter, press a spoon into the center to create a hole, and let it sear for a few minutes before cracking in your egg. Cover the pan with a lid, let it cook until the yolk is the consistency you desire, transfer it to a plate, and enjoy.