Delectable vanilla slice with custard and buttercream icing
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Instant Pudding Is The Secret Weapon For Easy Australian Vanilla Slice
Australian vanilla slice is a delicious dessert of custard between slices of puff pastry. If you've never made it before, try this easy hack that will give it the perfect texture.
On TikTok, cooks are using instant vanilla pudding as a perfect replacement for pastry cream in a vanilla slice. It's quicker to make and has far more structure and stability.
A vanilla slice is meant to hold its shape after it's cut, which can be hard to do with runny pastry cream. Vanilla pudding and store-bought puff pastry make the dessert a snap.
To make a super easy vanilla slice, pre-bake sheets of puff pastry, leave them to cool and crisp up, then sandwich vanilla pudding between the sheets and let it chill.