Pile of smiley fries on a white plate
Instant Mashed Potato Flakes Are The Best Shortcut For Smiley Fries
Smiley-faced potatoes are a childhood favorite that are often sold frozen, but using instant mashed potatoes can help you make homemade smiley fries in almost no time.
Prepare your instant mashed potatoes, then add flour, egg, cornstarch, and breadcrumbs to turn them into a shapeable dough. Chill the dough in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
Once the dough is malleable, spread it out into an even layer and use a round cookie cutter to cut out circles, then carve a smiley face into each circle.
You can then bake, air fry, or pan fry the fries in oil and serve up a homemade, nostalgic snack. Baking is the easiest way to cook them, but makes them less crisp than frying.